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You Want It? We’ll Find It!

Hi, and welcome to High Rev Imports. I’ve been in the automobile trade for well over a decade. I know the business better than most, from selling all styles of vehicles to writing up business contracts. I’ve done it all.

As a younger adult I can understand the lure of expensive mechanical toys. But I’m also a family man, so I understand the importance of safety and being practical when driving your family on the wet pavement of an interstate.

I can help you starting today to find the right luxury model, new model or late model vehicle, be it a touring car, a family van, or that special purchase. In fact, I’ve also managed one of the largest motorcycle divisions in the state, so I know what customers want on four wheels or two. But more importantly I discover what will make you happy, helping you to avoid the mistakes in vehicle ownership.

How do I do that? It’s easy. I’m a professional auto broker.
It you’ve bought a home, you probably used a real estate agent. Smart and caring ones will walk you past the pitfalls of ownership that may never cross your mind. As an auto broker, I’m not only here to help you avoid a purchase you wish you never made but to take the pain out of searching while driving from one dealer to another, hours spent in hassles and usual discomfort of waiting.

So how can I help YOU?
Quite simply, I will manage the process of buying a luxury car, new car, or late model on your behalf. This includes finding the desired vehicle you told me you wanted, negotiating the price you said you wanted, and delivering the final paperwork without the hassle of a dealership. I can even help you secure financing. In doing this I will take a huge weight off your back, allowing me to do the searching that in the end will save you precious time and hard-earned money.

Here’s how I work on YOUR behalf

CONVENIENCE . . . I Save YOU Time: I will take ownership of your not having to car-hunt at dealership lots, an activity most people find to be less than desirable. Because I am essentially a professional car buyer, the entire sale process is typically seamless and straightforward.

NEGOTIATION . . . I Save YOU Money:Because I have professional relationships with a network of car dealerships, I am able to secure discounted pricing that I then pass along to you. In fact when my reasonable fee is factored in and approved before I start the search, you will not only find I have saved you valuable time but have saved your hard-earned dollars in finding what you could have spent weeks looking for. You simply tell me what you want, and I go out and find it.

PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT . . . I Get YOU What YOU Want: I ensure you receive the best treatment by the car dealer when I make your final deal. This can also allow you perks that are not available to members of the general public. For instance, if there is a waiting list for a high-demand vehicle, you could get bumped up toward the top.

PEACE OF MIND . . . YOU Buy With Confidence: You can enjoy the confidence of knowing you have a professional advocate on your side in the car buying process of a new car, late-model used car, or luxury car, so you don't have to worry about the possibility of fraud, deception or other consumer woes that are all too common in today’s buying experiences.

What YOU Are Responsible For: My fees are typically determined either as a flat rate or a percentage of the value of the car you are purchasing or the savings you negotiate with me. Whatever the pricing model, my fees can typically range between $400 to $800 dollars for a new or late model vehicle. There could be a higher fee for certain luxury vehicles. But in some cases my fee can instead be paid by the dealership I arrange for you to buy your vehicle from.

Even when my fee is factored into the total expense of your car, the end cost to you is usually less than or equal to the deal you may have gotten on you own. However on your own, you would have spent hours or days, maybe even weeks, searching then negotiating with salesmen, their bosses, and the dealer’s business manager. In other words, minimally you get my personalized service for no extra cost while in many cases saving money in addition to the convenience I provide in saving you valuable time searching for a very important purchase in your life.

So let’s get started and talk. Call me today at 315-597-5471. Or if you prefer fill out this form. I look forward to meeting you.